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Presentation: BI User Group Presentation from June 5, 2012

Presentation: MDX Trek First Contact Presentation Materials

Cube space; the final frontier. In this Star Trek themed introduction to MDX, we will discuss the fundamentals of cube structure and vocabulary, including tuples, members, sets, hierarchies, and more. We will introduce and demonstrate the basic syntax of MDX with queries that include navigating hierarchies and even some time-based expressions. This session will give you the tools you need to write simple, yet meaningful, MDX queries in your own environment.

Mark Vaillancourt is an Information Management consultant for Digineer, a Microsoft partner based in Plymouth, MN. He has been working with SQL Server for 5 years and holds the MCITP – Business Intelligence Developer 2008 certification. With a background in Theater and Improvised Comedy, Mark makes sure that his presentations are both informative and fun!


There is always pressure from business users to deliver flexible, fast, self-service and cost effective BI/Data Warehouse solutions. Going into a BI project, we expect that business requirements will evolve and change; one business question will lead to another, creating challenges in managing scope, iterations, timelines and costs. With a traditional waterfall BI project execution approach it can take several months to incorporate new functionality in a data warehouse and update reports, creating a backlog and falling short of users' expectations.

In this session we will show how agile BI project execution can be implemented using Microsoft SQL Server 2012. We will explore how PowerPivot and Analysis Services 2012 enable additional flexibility; accelerating the time it takes to deliver value with BI projects. Agile techniques along with self-service tools offer an opportunity to transform traditional BI project development methods to fit dynamic user requirements and accelerate development, testing and deployment. We will also present a strategy, process and key considerations for using Agile techniques to promote ad-hoc self service reports to a corporate BI solution.

Neelesh Raheja
, the VP of Consulting Services at GNet Group has 17 years of experience in analytics, data architecture, information governance and business intelligence. He has led teams and architected large scale complex global DW/BI solutions that empower data driven strategies across several industries - Manufacturing, Retail, Education, Financial Services, Transportation. As a founding member of the Microsoft BI User Group of MN, he has served on the board since 2007.

Terry McDonald
is the BI Program Manager at Pentair's Technical Products Division (formerly Hoffman Enclosures). Terry has 31 years of Data Management experience including 3 years in application development. He initiated and has been responsible for the development of Business Intelligence solutions within Pentair Technical Products in support of Sales and Marketing, Supply, Operations, Logistics, and Quality for the last 12 years. These solutions provide monitoring and analytical capabilities for key business processes including Strategy Deployment a balanced scorecard business process.


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