Presentations from BI User Group meeting held on September 5, 2012


BI User Group Updates and Announcements

Presentation: Tabular BI Semantic Model - What? When? Where? Why? How?

When we're building a new business intelligence solution we have a lot of options in SQL 2012. PowerPivot in Excel or SharePoint. SSAS multidimensional or tabular. When do we choose a tabular model over a multidimensional model, and why? What, if anything, do we sacrifice in doing so? How do we get started - through a promoted PowerPivot model or a new SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) project? Let's take one scenario - a new tabular model started from brand new SSDT project - and walk through the decision making and development process. Not every tabular BI solution has to start in PowerPivot. Tabular models are a first-class citizen in SQL 2012, with all sorts of bells and whistles that we've typically reserved for multidimensional solutions. We'll start with a new project, talk about storage and query access models, security, end-user reporting and walk-through building it all. And if there's time left, we'll take a quick look at a couple of additional tools that can really help along the way.

William Weber is a business intelligence consultant at RBA Inc. He started his career as a professional juggler. Almost got a degree in Theatre. Actually got a degree in Chinese. And now builds business intelligence solutions for clients all around the Twin Cities.


Presentation: Big Data Buzzwords

Do terms like Oozie make you woozie? Does Pig make you grunt? Are your customers buzzing about Hive? Hadoop has many data professionals trying to understand the new world of technologies to help deploy, develop, manage and integrate these new data sources. In this session we will make sense of these and other Big Data terms and tools, helping you understand the new world of Hadoop.

Lara Rubbelke brings her passion for architecting, implementing and improving data solutions to the community as a Principal Program Manager for Microsoft. Her expertise involves Big Data, data management, security and compliance, ETL, and the Business Intelligence lifecycle. She regularly delivers technical presentations at local, regional and national conferences, user groups and webcasts.

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