Presentations from BI User Group meeting held on March 28, 2013

Presentation: Effective Reporting through SSRS Advanced Authoring Features

Effective reporting is not simply the output of data, but the meaningful presentation of that data in a manner that informs the user. SQL Server Reporting Services provides a myriad of features to create a clear, instructive, and interactive experience. This session will demonstrate techniques to utilize SSRS advanced authoring features to facilitate more informative communication. These features include: nesting data regions, leveraging scope, geographic/geometric reporting, complex charting, rich formatting, incorporating managed code assemblies, intuitive drilldown, data from multiple datasets in a single data region, datasets that update source data, and more.

Brian Larson, Vice President of Technology, Superior Consulting Services

As a consultant to Microsoft, Brian contributed to the original code base of Reporting Services. Brian is the Vice President of Technology for Superior Consulting Services and has presented at national conferences including SQL Server Connections, the PASS Summit, and the Microsoft BI Conference. Brian is a former columnist for SQL Server Magazine and is the author of “Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Reporting Service: 4th Edition” and “Delivering Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2012: 3rd Edition” as well as co-author of “Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power View,” all from McGraw-Hill Professional.

Presentation: Top-Down Data Modeling for BI

Business Intelligence platforms are offering capabilities, such as, in-memory analytics, ad hoc reporting, and self-serve report development. These capabilities allow for rapid development and do not require a Data Warehouse. A Business Intelligence platform without a Data Warehouse works well during the pilot phase, but tends to fail when deployed to the enterprise. Join as I lay out how to implement a Top-Down Data Model that will allow Business Intelligence to be created before or in parallel with the Data Warehouse. This will allow for rapid BI development while reducing the DW development cycle.


Ross McNeely, BI Practice Manager, C2 IT Solutions

Ross has presented at several SQL Saturday events in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Recently, Ross presented at ERWorld2012 on data modeling. Ross adds real-world examples from the Financial Services, Logistics, and Retail industries in his presentations. Regardless if you have a beginner, intermediate, or advanced skill set, Ross will provide a solid foundation for each topic he presents. Please join Ross McNeely for a fun and informative meeting.


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