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Session1 : You are a Data Scientist when…

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Microsoft Contoso BI Demo Dataset for Retail Industry

New job title dubbed the most interesting job of the century, is causing many of us to rewrite our resumes and reassess our skills.  What is a Data Scientist?  How have our roles changed? How will our roles change in the future?  This talk will examine the abilities, tools, and business acumen to be considered this emerging title.  Ideas will be shared on how to work with management to obtain this recognition and mentor a group of peers to share knowledge.

Speaker: Cheryl Stepney has over 40 years of experience with working with data to form insights that have affected the IT industry.  Having worked for Oracle Corporation and Macromedia as start-up organizations, she has a unique perspective on using and visualizing data.  She also worked for Microsoft to evangelize SQL Server for a five state district and continues to consult in all aspects of the data lifecycle.

Session 2: Fact or Fiction:  The “Free Lunch” Promise of Power Pivot.

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Dramatically shortened lead times, drastically reduced costs, AND “same day” agility:  these are the promises of the “Self-Service BI” generation.  These sorts of claims naturally elicit a healthy amount of skepticism.  We are, after all, analytical people, and we’ve learned that there are no “free lunches.”

So – do tools like Power Pivot deliver what they promise, and if so, our natural next question is “ok, what’s the catch?”

You are right – there IS a secret missing from the marketing and hype.  But it probably is not what you are expecting, and it is simpler than you would ever guess.

Come see “Skeptic turned High Priest” and former Microsoft engineer Rob Collie “de-cloak” these mysteries with firsthand experiences and hands-on demos.  Regardless of your background, you will never view data the same way.  Warning:  learning these secrets has been known to re-vitalize your career.

Speaker: Rob Collie, @PowerPivotPro, Author of DAX formulas for PowerPivot

One of the founding engineers behind PowerPivot at Microsoft during his 14-year career in Redmond and former CTO at Pivotstream, Rob Collie is one of the world’s foremost authorities on self-service business intelligence and the revolutionary power of next-generation spreadsheet technology. His experience extends from software design and engineering through market strategy, and he is the author of the world’s #1-selling PowerPivot book.

Rob is currently in the process of launching a new software company in his areas of expertise, specifics to be announced later this spring. In the interim, he is advising and training organizations in their adoption of PowerPivot, using a complete-system approach that encompasses model and report design, collaboration with IT/DBA, server-based distribution, and cultural best practices.

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