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Session 1: Looking Through the Windshield: Creating Forward-Looking Dashboards and KPIs



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It is dangerous to drive forward while looking through the rear window. The same is true about guiding our organizations forward while looking only at the past. Yet, much of our business intelligence shows only the past. This session explores simple techniques to make our dashboards and KPIs visualize what is likely in the future. No fancy predictive algorithms are necessary-just an appreciation of what we know about our organization's future and a recognition of past trends that are likely to continue.

Speaker: Brian Larson is the Chief Technology Officer at Superior Consulting Services and has presented at SQL Server Connections, the PASS Summit and the Microsoft BI Conference. As a consultant to Microsoft, Brian contributed to the original code base of Reporting Services. Brian is the author of "Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Reporting Service: 4th Edition" and "Delivering Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2012: 3rd Edition" as well as co-author of "Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power View."

Session 2: Date with DAX


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This session will focus on the time intelligence functions built into DAX, along with writing custom date logic to deal with a range of common reporting requirements. We will cover the use of the built-in functions, as well as how to recreate their logic with non-standard calendars.
Some key topics we will cover include:
• DAX time intelligence functions
• Date tables
• Filter expressions

You will walk away from this training session with a better understanding of the full array of time-based functions built into DAX, and how these can be used to solve common reporting problems.

About the Speaker: Greg Baldini is a BI Analyst with GNet Group. His background is in data modeling and Tabular cube development. He has in-depth experience designing and developing business reporting solutions spanning the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform.


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