Presentations from BI User Group meeting held on June 2, 2015

Microsoft BI User Group Updates & Announcements

Presentation: The “New” Power BI Service Walkthrough

In this session, we will discuss the changes that are coming to Power BI and the new features that are provided with the Power BI Designer as Microsoft continues its roadmap with self-service BI. If you haven’t seen this yet, Power BI features are now available in a standalone application outside of Excel! You will see with the new designer that you will be able to easily integrate data, create stunning and interactive visualizations, and even create cloud based Power BI dashboards to share and it is even Free!! In this session we will also cover the mobile side of Power BI looking at the new Power BI apps for both Windows and iOS. 

Speaker Bio

Dan English is the BI Practice Manager at Superior Consulting Service and is a SQL Server MVP, co-author, and technical editor. He has been developing with Microsoft technologies for over 15 years, and over 8 years with Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. He has been working with SQL Server since version 6.5 through 2014 and is getting ready to explore 2016. Dan has screencasts and videos on Vimeo, is an avid blogger, and tweets. Dan is on the executive leadership team for the MN Microsoft BI user group and the chapter leader for the PASS Business Analytics Virtual Chapter.


Presentation: Achieving Enlightenment with Datazen. Anywhere!

In this session we will examine the capabilities offered by Datazen, one of Microsoft's latest acquisitions. Datazen allows you to present a highly customizable unified view of data across the enterprise. We will look at the authoring experience and integration with data sources ranging from ad hoc Excel reports to SQL Server and SSAS cubes.

The best part of it all? You can take everything with you. With native apps on Android, iOS, and Windows 8 and HTML5 rendering, your data is available anywhere, anytime.

Speaker Bio

Greg Baldini is a BI Analyst with GNet Group. He is an experienced BI professional who has executed multiple projects delivering Enterprise BI and data warehouse solutions using the Microsoft BI Stack, which includes SSIS, SQL Server, Analysis Services, Power Pivot, Reporting Services, SharePoint, Power BI and Datazen. An expert in creating Agile BI solutions using PowerPivot/Tabular/ DAX. His experience spans verticals such as - manufacturing, healthcare, fraud analysis, marketing pipelines, and sales performance.


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