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Exceeding Six Sigma Email Address Quality

I wanted to send you a link to the Free Developer Download.  In the community edition they can use all of the 57 plug-ins for free in BIDS/SSDT, and only have to purchase it when they want to move the data over a server.

While efforts around data quality and CRM have been around for quite a while, it seems that getting customer data clean and consistent remains a challenge for many organizations. While the causes for this are numerous, there are solutions available to improve the outcome of customer data cleansing efforts at a reasonable cost and without needing to spend several months of effort.

This presentation focuses on how through using software provided by Melissa Data, Pragmatic Works, and native functionality within the SQL Server platform an organization was able to achieve in excess of six sigma quality for email addresses and build a foundation for future customer data integration efforts. Email is a channel used by Marketing to inform and engage customers. Failure to have accurate data for email addresses can result in an email sender being identified as a spammer, or black listed as a result of sending too many incorrectly addressed emails to a given email domain (i.e. gmail, Hotmail, etc.). Using Selligent as the ESP (Email Service Provider) results of the data cleansing process were able to be validated at the receiving inbox. We will discuss what to look for in cleansing email addresses and how codes provided through Melissa Data software helped ensure spam traps were avoided, and erroneous email addresses were recovered (i.e. While the project focus was email, the cleansing process also included name, address, and some limited demographics (using Census data); these will be covered as time allows. 

What’s not covered? How to keep the data clean; keeping it clean varies with all the sources that produce and consume customer data and is often unique to each organization or situation.

Chad Burdette, Data Management Team Lead

Chad currently leads the Data Management team for three Lifetouch divisions. He has over 25 years IT experience, holds certification from IBM as a DB2 DBA and Business Intelligence Expert, and from Microsoft as a Data Platform Sales Specialist. He started with the Microsoft BI stack when it wasn’t a stack using Microsoft EIS (Executive Information System) pack for Excel 3.0 back in the early 1990’s. Chad has served in multiple roles: ETL developer, Reports and Dashboard developer, Data Architect, Infrastructure Architect, DBA, Project Manager, and Leader. He is passionate about increasing customer relationships through the use of information to provide relevant points of engagement and interactions, and helping business better use the data they collect achieve superior results.

Power BI: Dashboard in an Hour Walk-Through

Power BI Wide World Importers Demo Files (separate or one single zip file)

This session will provide a walk-through example showcasing the Power BI tools including the Desktop, Service, and Mobile application. You will see how you can quickly access and explore data and gain insights from any device as well as collaborate and share the content with others. Some of the recent capabilities that have been released since our last meeting will also be demoed.  The content and examples will be provided after the meeting so that you can go through the walk-through examples on your own.

Dan English, Senior Data Warehouse Architect

Dan is the Senior Data Warehouse Architect at Constellation, Inc. and is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, author, technical editor, and community leader. He has been developing with Microsoft technologies for over 15 years, and over 12 years with Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. He has been working with SQL Server since version 6.5 through 2016. Dan has videos on Vimeo, blogs (, and tweets (@denglishbi). Dan is the chapter leader for the PASS Business Analytics Virtual Chapter and on the executive leadership team for the MN Microsoft BI user group.


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